Saturday, October 24, 2009

2: Submitted by Arelis R. (Puerto Rico)

From Arelis:

Representing my roots: I am of from a white Spaniard/African black blood from mom's side and a Mixed Caribbean (white, Indian and black) from my father's side. My husband is from a white Spaniard father whose family never believe in mixed families and were marrying relatives to keep their names and blood (ridiculous, yes) and a mixed mother (indian and white).

We have three beautiful children. Very proud of our origins and my ancestors. I can't trace my mom's family side due to her grandmother (a rich white girl) who ran away with my grandfather (a slave from her father's plantation) and their names were removed and his purchase papers destroyed.

We don't even know from which region in Africa he came from; the Catholic Church, who took care of the kids when they died of TB around 1918 changed their last names. You should have seen my grandpa, a tan guy with green eyes and course blond hair. I loved him so much.

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