Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Microwave meltdown

I'm sick so my writing is all off. I'll forgive you if you leave now. This is going to be a short one because I feel so awful. I woke up to a flaming sore throat this morning, but a deadline at work forced me out of bed.

I stood in front of the mirror just after my shower and refused the makeup. No, it hurts to put you on today. I am just going to look how I feel. I went to reach for my toothbrush when I heard BANG. And then some yelling. "Get back!"

Well, somehow, the microwave had just exploded. I just stood there, thinking that maybe the cold medicine was messing with me. I dropped my toothbrush and scurried over to the kitchen. "There's a hole in the microwave," hubby says to me.

You know, at that point, I didn't even want to ask. We still don't know why it happened. But the 3-year-old, Mr. E, was pouting about his oatmeal, so he figured he'd start the microwave himself. That's all we know. There was a small fire and a boom and a hole. That's what we know.


Just before I made it to work, I realized that in the middle of the microwave meltdown, I had never picked my toothbrush back up. I never brushed my teeth -- and you know, I'm sick. So ick.

"Here," hubby said. "Chew a piece of gum." (Doesn't he know me by now?)

"I will not," I said. And so we stopped at Walgreen's and picked up a little cheap toothbrush and a small tube of paste. I bolted to the bathroom to brush my teeth. So glad no one stopped me.

I had to push through three hours of editing, compiling, finding art. It hurt to even look at the computer screen, but I just couldn't hand it over to someone else. That would take lots of explaining to do, and at that point, I might as well just get her done. After 11, I was headed home to crawl into my warm bed. I am going to do the same now. Sorry, I just can't last another sentence. Be back Friday.

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