Saturday, December 5, 2009

108: Submitted by Jessica S. (North Carolina)


Thank you for doing this!! It serves such an important purpose!!

Here are some photos of our family. We are yet another example of an American blend. I am Mexican/Native American/Italian and my husband is a European blend (with "some" Italian, per his definition). We have a beautiful son, and are expecting a baby this spring.

And we could not be happier!!!

Here are some photos of our clan:

The first photo is of my husband and me on a trip to Antigua this past winter.

The second photo is of my three favorite guys: my son, my husband, and my father.

The third photo is of my husband and me during a family photo session this summer.

The fourth photo is of our little one in utero :)

And the last photo is of our son for our own Christmas card.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Warmest Regards,

Jessica of The Simmons Family in NC

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