Wednesday, December 16, 2009

130: Submitted by Lauren (Final Submission!)

Hey Suzy! We wanted to seal the card! Here are my mixed and happy Blessings!!

These are Mixed and Happy Blessings! Your site and purpose was truly reached by beautiful, amazing families! The children are gorgeous and each and every one shine with charisma! It takes people like us who are able to embrace the heart and love of an another individual despite color! It's this unconditional bonding love that will be instilled in the souls of our children which, in turn, makes them truly Mixed and Happy!

Congratulations, Suzy to a job well done and another goal reached. You are a wonderful and inspiring writer. We all have a purpose in life and you are fulfilling what you were called to do!

Also, congratulations to you and Marquis! Your relationship is a true testament to His Word. Although you had trials and tribulations, you rose above out of love for each other and for your children. I truly admire that!

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