Sunday, November 22, 2009

67: Submitted by Sally H.

hello suzy!

one of my friends sent me the mixed and happy invitation on facebook, which i gladly accepted! i think you are a doing is such a wonderful thing!

just a brief rundown on me...
i am of mexican descent (dad was mexican and mom was white & mexican) and married my son's father, a black man and vietnam vet, in 1980. We lived in a small community back when 'mixed' couples were just coming out, so-to-speak, in our area. having lived a very sheltered life - i learned a lot from him about the 'real world' and racism. we lived in el centro, calif., which is about as far south as you can go in cali. - just a few miles from the mexican border and an hour west of yuma, az. anyway, we separated 6 yrs later and divorced 8 yrs after that, but we remained friends because neither of us had been raised with a father in our homes and had agreed before we were married, that we would stay friends if it came to that. (those are some long stories - haha!) unfortunately, my ex just recently passed away in Sept., at the still young age of 58, from a brain anuerism. i wanted to send you a picture of my handsome son, who is the light of my life! his name is Aaron , 28 yrs old and he currently lives in el centro. he's has his issues and his ups and downs, but i didn't think that mattered for your purposes.

i have read some of your blog and loved it! you're a very strong, courageous woman that is setting a great example for people of all colors! congratulations and keep moving forward!

thank you!
much respect and love
Sally H.

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