Wednesday, November 25, 2009

80: Submitted by Robert G. (Washington, D.C.)

This comes to me by way of Robert G., creator of the facebook group Blasian Island. Thanks, Robert!

Greetings !

My wife and I discovered your Facebook page (Mixedandhappy) via a friend and want to support your effort, to show that mixed race couples can be happy, successful and thrive just as much as homegenous families.

My name is Robert and my wife's name is Yun (Grant is our last name). We grew up together and have been dating since Highschool. We have 4 children (Genesis Gabriella Grant: 6, Blessing Olivia Grant: 5 , Quinn Isabella Leigh Grant: 2 and a newborn that was born on the 17th of November 2009, Lailah Madelyne Grant: 6 days of age).

We're originally from Upstate New York but have migrated the world as a family, while I was active duty military. We purchased a home and finally set roots in the Washington D.C. / Maryland area, where I'm employed as an Engineer and my wife is a stay at home mom (Although she does have a degree in Business Administration).

That's a little bit about our family :)

Attached are a few pictures of us (Minus our newborn) , since mom and baby have JUST got home and we've not had enough time to take pics yet :P Lets us know if you've need of anything else from us... ;)

Respectfully Yours,
-R.L. Grant III-

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