Monday, November 2, 2009

BLOG: Dasani or Aquafina? (Ick or ewww?)

I took off from work a half-hour early today to make it to my kickboxing class. I love that class. The instructor likes to yell positive messages at us. I think it's hilarious. "You CAN and you WILL do it. Mind over matter! You tell your body what to do."

Yes, I love the pain every Monday at 4:30 sharp. Today, she made us jog up Newberry Road just before 5 pm. I'm sure I saw some of my co-workers fly by me as I forced my legs--and mind--up a hill. The cool air refreshed me after hours of sitting in front of a computer at work.

After our mile run, we ended up in a parking lot, where Ms. Abs (she has amazing abs!) yelled more positive messages as we did sprints and jump-ropes and other torturous exercises. After seven straight sprints, I needed water. And bad.

My little water bottle was tucked neatly beside my jump-rope--just over there. But, what was this? Who, who did this? Who put their water bottle right beside my water bottle? And why?

This was my spot. I would have paid $5 for a sip of water at that moment, but something stopped me. "I did bring a Dasani bottle, right?"

I envisioned taking the bottle out of the car, and then I remembered how the other day, I had an Aquafina bottle. No, I mostly do Dasani, I told myself. I am 99.9 percent sure that the Dasani bottle is mine.

But, 99.9 percent just wasn't enough. And then, I thought I was being silly.

"Oh, please, it's the Dasani bottle," I thought to myself. "I am more like 100 percent sure it is, and besides, I am about to pass out. I. need. water."

So, there was Dasani, staring straight at me. "You know you love me, girl. And you never, ever drink Aquafina." If the water bottle were speaking, Dasani was smooth talking me just like that.

Yeah, Dasani's right. I am 100 percent sure Dasani is the one. And with that, I took two or three huge gulps of water before jumping into another sprint. As I was reaching the end of my last sprint, I looked up to see another woman--sweat dripping down the sides of her flush face.

She picked him right up. She was holding Dasani, and she took a huge swig.

I am already funny about germs and you know, sharing drinks with complete strangers. "Ick," I said. "Ewww."

No, Ick and Ewww. On my way back inside the gym, I ran into hubby and my ick and ewww kind of formed one strange word. "Ickkkkkewwwww," I said to him.


And then I told him the story of Dasani and how it will never be the same between us.

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